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Collaborative Consultations

Patient centred care in a safe and confidential private setting

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Initial Assessment

The first step is the initial assessment which helps me understand your experiences and difficulties in order to arrive at the diagnosis.

Medication Prescription

Based on the initial assessment, we will discuss and agree a care plan and talk about medications that may help you feel better.


We will also discuss which psychological therapy model would help you most and explore other strategies for your recovery.

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Personalised Medicine

We are all different and our genetic makeup can affect our response to medication. A Pharmacogenomics test is able to analyse our genes and predict this. It can suggest the specific medication and dose that is most likely to work. This can help in developing a personal treatment plan which has a higher rate of success.


Dr Abrar Hussain


With an empathic non-judgemental approach, your wellbeing is at the heart of our consultations.


I believe in creating a safe and confidential space to explore your difficulties and support you in your journey.


My training and experience in medication management and psychological therapy gives us an edge in planning your care.


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