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Initial Assessment

The first step on our treatment is the initial assessment which helps me understand your experiences and difficulties in order to arrive at a diagnosis.

During the initial assessment, I will ask you to describe your experiences and ask some focused questions. You can tell me as much as you want to and this information will help me to make a diagnosis and plan treatment. The information you give me is confidential and I will need your consent to share it unless there is risk to yourself or someone else. The assessment will explore your current situation as well as previous difficulties and treatment you may have had. We will also talk about medication you may be taking and any substance use such as alcohol. It will be helpful to hear about your expectations and treatment targets. Based on the information you give me; I will share my thoughts with you and the diagnosis. We will then explore treatment options including medication and psychological therapy. The plan may include other aspects such as managing risk and working collaboratively with other clinicians involved in your care.

Ready to get the help you deserve?

Please get in touch to arrange an initial assessment to see how I can help you.

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