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Filling Prescription

Medication Prescriptions

Based on the initial assessment, we will discuss and agree a care plan and talk about medications that may help you feel better.

Our initial meeting will help me recommend the right medication for you and where appropriate, I will discuss options available. Based on your preference, I can prescribe the medication privately or make a recommendation to your doctor. We will discuss the dose and duration as well as any expected side effects.


The medication discussion will include past treatments and your response to the medication. You can ask me any questions you may have about medication.


Recent advances have made it possible to use genetic tests and target medication that are more likely to work based on your profile. I believe in patient choice and will adopt a collaborative approach. If you decide that medication is the not right option for you, we will explore non-medication treatment which are largely psychological (talking therapy based) and other practical strategies aimed at well-being and improving psychological health.

Ready to get the help you deserve?

Please get in touch to arrange an initial assessment to see how I can help you.

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