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We can talk about different psychological therapy models that would help you most and explore other strategies for your recovery.

There are a number of psychological therapy models available and picking the right one is important. I have extensive training and practical experience of delivering therapy.


Due to limited capacity, I am unable to offer therapy myself in my private clinic but can recommend therapists who I know work to a high standard and are experts in their fields.


You can ask me any therapy related questions and we will be able to discuss the model most appropriate for you. This will take into account your previous therapy experience. Sometimes, therapy can be hard to manage because of practical limitations or strong and upsetting feelings generated in the sessions. We will discuss possible ways to manage this.


My experience in trauma focused work underpins my approach to my consultations. Many of my patients find the combined expertise (medication and therapy) helpful in their journey to recovery.

Ready to get the help you deserve?

Please get in touch to arrange an initial assessment to see how I can help you.

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