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Trauma in a poem

A poem I wrote when my right brain was active!

Trauma comes in different forms

It may make you run or freeze 

Sometimes you may stand and fight 

Or at times you may appease 

When trauma is not too huge

It gets dealt with by the brain

Sometimes it is just too big 

Causing lots of stress and strain 

Trauma can be visible 

Bold and strong and in your face 

It can also go and hide

Follow you and give some chase 

Trauma wants to keep you safe 

But it can't see things have changed 

You are in a different place 

And the threat has really drained 

By making you stay alert

All it's doing is to help 

Warning every single time 

Even if you don't need help 

Trauma cannot tell apart 

What is body what is mind 

It just wants a resting place 

Any home that it can find

Dr Abrar Hussain

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