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The understanding of neurodiversity has undergone a significant shift in recent years. Neurodivergence includes a range of neurological variations, such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, among others. We are beginning to challenge the traditional notions of "normal" and explore the incredible spectrum of human cognition.

At its core, neurodivergence symbolizes the richness and complexity of our brains. Each individual brings a unique set of strengths, talents, and perspectives to the world. Unfortunately, society has viewed neurodivergent traits through a deficit-focused lens, but it is time to reframe our understanding and acknowledge the incredible contributions that neurodivergent individuals bring to various fields, from art and science to technology and innovation.

Neurodivergent individuals possess a heightened capacity for pattern recognition, attention to detail, and divergent thinking. Their unique cognitive processes allow them to perceive the world from alternative angles, fostering innovation and creativity. It is crucial to nurture these inherent strengths and provide an inclusive environment that supports neurodivergent individuals in reaching their full potential.

The sad story of Oliver McGowan should be a constant reminder to all of us that it is important to create an environment where everyone feels included, and no views are overlooked. The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism initiative now mandates training and awareness in healthcare professionals, and having recently completed this training, I can appreciate the importance of it.

Many neurodivergent individuals face societal barriers and stigma, hindering their access to education, employment, and social opportunities. This can adversely affect their psychological health. As mental health professionals, it is our duty to advocate for inclusivity, promote awareness, and provide the necessary support systems to empower neurodivergent individuals to thrive.

In my view, it is essential to empower neurodivergent individuals to share their stories so that their voices can be heard, and their experiences can be understood. This will help us build a world that values neurodivergent minds, where strengths are celebrated, and barriers are dismantled.

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